Updates For 2012

GLORY TO GOD!!! He has done awesome things in Paynesville Liberia.
This ministry joined hands the end of 2011 with Jehovah Rapha Urban Ministry founded by Pastor Mike Cameron.
 He has planted missions and church's in West Africa. God has been a great blessing sending His servant to help us.  Giving our children the opportunity
to attend a Christian school where they can advance to the next grades which we were not able to do in our school in the house.
Before we had started the school they had never had the opportunity to attend school.  They started the fall of 2012, at the Christian Academy.
It was so great to see these children who would never other wise get the opportunity.   What a blessing seeing them with uniform and backpacks, glory to God!
We do still have bible class and school for the neighbor children which Paul teaches at the house.
 Few Pictures below.

We were also able to start a House church in the ministry house until a church can be built or we can plant several house churches in the area of Paynesville. We now have 75-100 in attendance most being children.
We also have an evangelism team led by Evangelist Silas and several brothers.

Widow Oretha and her children the first day at school at the Christian Academy.

The children with book bags first day of school, these children had never gone to a school in their life until we started School of Hope, now they are in a Christian Academy, and some of them top of their class. Hallelujia, we give all the glory to God.

                                Children doing home work after first day of school at the Academy.
Some of the children nervous for their first day of school in Paynesville..  Thank you Lord!
Please check out our Photo Gallery where we have many more pictures, as well as the video page.

Updates 2010-2011
We started a school in the Ownsgrove in a church, we started with 100  children now have 175, there are videos of the programs the children did for us last year, in the video section..
Here are some of the pictures, many more in the Photo gallery. 

Greeting in the name of our Lord!
It looks like I have not made any updates since March 2011.
I retired in May 2011, and was going to Liberia something I have long awaited for.  but some quite unusual and unexpected emergencies came up and I was not able to get enough funds to go. I was wanting to go back to work so I could save to be able to go, but the Lord told me NO!
I had always wanted to go but the needs are so great in the African countries and even so with Liberia after a 14 year war, the children cannot afford to go to school, or rather their parents cannot afford to send them, so the need was great. And their are so many thousands in the streets getting only a meal a day or for some not even that so we started the first school and feed them one meal a day and we have over 100.
I thought with my own money I saved for retirement I could go, but evidently that is not what God wanted me to do at that time.

We must be in some kind of transition, with me not having employment and one of our supporters feeling overburdened and we only have four altogether. And since I do not have the income I did have, we are wondering what God is doing.  we are not supported by any church, or ministry and we are not 501c, God has always done miracles with the few fishes and loaves.
So we really need your prayers for our ministry.
We now have Evangelist Silas working in our ministry and taking care of things when Jesse is in school. He got a scholarship at the university.
We  have not taken any pictures lately, I had planned on doing videos and pictures on my trip, so now that funds are short we will probably just do pictures from Jessee's camera.
They have been going to preach the gospel in the red light district, they recently did baptisms I hope they took pictures. they are also increasing members in the home church
Until next time,
Shalom, Sis shanna


Christmas 2011/New year 2012

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ/Yeshua Hamaschiach,
We closed 2011 out with a Christmas party in Paynsville, with food and clothing give away and our new Church/Children's church.
And announcing of my arrival to Africa  the beginning of the new year.  Joining hands with Mike Cameron in partnership with Jehovah Messianic Church of Jesus Christ, two hands are better then one.  God is doing great things in 2012.

More later!