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Updates of our ministry in Africa

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Gift Of Love Outreach Missions Update

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I have not been sending out updates so thought I would begin regularly now that God is moving on our behalf and have partnered with Pastor Mike Cameron and his missions in Africa, we will be working together in three areas. Liberia, Ghana and Nigeria, we also will be going to Kenya for one week. He works part time to supply the funds for the projects but in time we shall have much better facilities for the schools, church everything.

He ministers in 4 slums in Nigeria has a mission base in Ghana at the Buduburham Camp. We will have medical outreach where ever we go and outreach to children and elderly. I will be helping in all areas.

We will be working on a project in West Point area sometime next year, that is a area of slum in Liberia all areas have slums it is where the people have no way else of living, no money no food and many child soldiers have no other place to live, that is one of my burdens to reach them for Christ. It looks like I will be leaving for Africa the first of the year Lord willing..


Please keep us in prayers, it is going to be an exciting year, a real adventure, but pray for God's will in our lives and that His will be done in the areas He wants us to minister..


Will be updating here more often, and the site once I leave.

God bless you all,

Love, sis shanna


January 2009 Update

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Happy New Year Friends of God!

I want to extend my personal thanks to you for all that you have done this past year, without you we would not see this great progress,everything has come to pass just as the Lord showed me a few years ago,the school, the Children's home, the farm, Church and bringing souls toChrist.? thank you for listening to the voice of God.

the pictures above are very special especially little Mercy praying!?

if the pictures don't show up let me know and I will send themseparately. Jesse's report is below., the pictures may come as attachments.


We may shortly be adding a new teacher of evangelism for the older students. we have one secular teacher to teach the basics of learning to read and write etc, and two bible teachers and now I have asked Lawrence who leads evangelism with Jesse to teach at evangelism at the school, and build teams to take the gospel out to the outer areas.


I am so touched by what is happening in Liberia and by the love and care you all have shown us and our children at the school, when I received these pictures it brought tears to my eyes, especially the one here of little Mercy praying, it actually gives me goosebumps.

Jesse told me that Shelton, one of the teachers calls on a child everyday to pray and this day it happened to be little Mercy, she lives at the house.


We hope to be able to get a sewing machine for the widows, we really do nothing for them other then food and a house to live in. In the past we have bought them material so I would like as our next project get them a sewing machine it is not much $165 I think.

Jesse said and some material, and someone to help them learn to sew.? the three widows do so much they cook, clean keep order and care of all the children at theschool, and the children at the home. They are so deserving.? They loveall the children as their own.

And the children are happy and learning and growing in the Lord, how special can that be?

Again thank you all for your prayers and gifts of love.? WE give God nall the praise and glory due His name!

May your year be cloaked in God's love and care this year amid the trials and tribulations that come, may you be wrapped in His arms of love.


sis shanna


Jesse's report below!!


-------- Original Message -------- Subject: our update, and merry christmas to you and a joyous new year. Date: Fri, 08 Jan 2010 15:06:05 -0800 (PST) From: jesse cooper To: [email protected]


Dear Bro & sisters, ???? Merry Christmas to you and a happy new year from all of our kids and widows that we have at the school.

And they also extends their best greeting? to you and appreciate your great help you are giving us here in Liberia, they told me to tell you thanks so much for making the Christmas great for the kids and for their great dinner we have that day, they also told me to appoligise to nyou about the camera man not turning up that day as he is a video camera man and went to another city call Buchanan for a recording, and we were expecting him to come and record? that great ceremony.

?Unfortunatley for us he did not come at all.?but when I told?mothern shanna, she? talked to the camera man Renald for the way he behave he

gave reasons to her and also apoligised too, mother shanna has his email and contacted him though email.? but when I told mother shanna?she told us to have a special meal for them the new year day and these are some of the pic you see them eating and having their celebration in bthe class room with Shelton and Jesse. ?

We want to say we receive lot of help from you? all ways and want to pray that God continued blessing be upon you in all? of your doing,

? We still have some more pic on disc,? and will get it to you from our new year celebration. ? All they told me to tell you is thanks somuch for your good care of our ministry and we are doing great in ours tudies? with the kids and our homes. ? If it had not been for you we would have notbe? progressing this way but because of God in your heart you are helping and we are doing great.?

The kids along with the widows says I should tell you thanks and?God will continue to bless you in all of your?activities.

? The clothe bags we bought was large big, and by the grace of of God?the kids have enough cloth now so we want to say thanks.? ? we also want to tell you thanks for our new desk, because our kids never have sitting place so they used to sit on the ground, but now with your money you send us we were able to get new desk ready for them, but at the time we put in for these desk they could not be ready at the time we were taking the pic, because time was against us, so the the carpenter is still working on some of the desk,he only fixed us a temporary one that we could used for the new year meal so he fixed 4 desk this is what we put in our class until he can complete the entire? work then we will send you pic of our new desk and? division of our classes.

? we also bought a some school material like chuck duster copy book and some stationary material and give to these


? All we want to say is thank? for your help,and we also want you to pray with us as our service in our building many are calling many around to Christ because they now join us morning and evening devotion and it can be wonderful and our devotion is changing many. so we want to tell the lord thanks so much.

? please also await our video soon that willcome to you by the grace of God so that u can see what we are doing here in Liberia. ? God bless you in all of your doing. Jesse G. Cooper

Update November 2009

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?????? ? ? ? ? ?????????????????????????????? NEW HOPE SCHOOL

This is Alita in front with the 10 street kids.????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? The school?Greetings Friends of God,We are entering the Season? when wecelebrate the birth of Christ, though it is not the true date,?I think about?how He was born in a lowly dirty manger, and it brought to mindthe many children born to similar situations all over the world.The one difference is that He?is God,Jesus Christ, Yeshua, he became our Lord and Savior. Our king.And these children are struggling forsurvival, even for a daily meal. And without invervention they willnever have the opportunity to grow up knowing the blessings of God, tobe saved and loved and cared for.

This is how Gift Of Love WorldOutreach began. We began helping some young people in Ghana that wererefugees and there were So many in need, and then a young man I had known from Kenya we helped with some street children there.but it didn't take long to see that?there would not?be enough to really make a difference in in so nmany places with so many lives, so I turned the ministry over to a friend and she is raising money for? Kenya.? And we began in Liberia after those we were helping in Ghana returned back home.

?I know that many ask for money, they believe that it the only way to get what is needed, but I believe God is sovereign, and can provide the needs through people just by praying, though it is much slower then most ministries desire.?I am so very grateful for what theLord?has provided, it seems?it takes long to get anywhere?but Heprovides for what is needed at the time, just like the Manna, withnothing left over.? ?I look back at all he has done sincewe moved those we were helping in Ghana back to Liberia a littleover?one year ago, three widows and their 8 children between them, andthe house that was provided. I am amazed he made something from almostnothing.??Last March we started the farm, and now they are harvesting rice and cereal which takes about a month to complete. In Sept last year we started ourschool, starting with just the widows their children and a fewneighbors, but it has grown to over 100 and the widows began to?takein?10 street children that lost their parents in the war.? So many children we didn't know what to do?so when the rent came due which we pay every 6 months, we realized we need to find a bigger building? I began praying about what we should do.

?In Sept this year, Jesse found a 6 bedroom place much bigger and with room for the two teachers helpers who had no place to live and had to sleep on someones porch, these were two that were refugees in Ghana, now they? have a room.

Of course we have so much to get, mattresses, benches and desk tables for the school, and? more blackboards chalk,?bedding,tables and chairs and especially dishes for so many to eat.

We pray Godwill provide for all these needs.? You can see in the pictures the house needs work, but it is a start.

??They have enough food? for awhile,except for what they use to make soup.? This is what they put on the rice. Chicken or fish and veggies.?

I want to praise God that He has done so much for these people, and the children, they now have a future and a hope, and I want to thank our friends who have helped us through this past year.?

And thank God for the salvation of souls through the school and in the bush where our farm is.

We want to reach more people but it is a good 45 minutes away and with no transportion but a taxi, they arenot able to go often enough to share?the gospel.

Cost is $7.00 roundtrip for one person.?I have enclosed some pictures andmore to come as well as a video of the harvesting and testimonies ofthe street kids and their life on the streets.?

We will be sharing the video soon and will also be preparing for the Christmas event and clothing give away in December.Below Is our update for November.? Jesse has more great praises to share with you!Love and thanks to all who have been giving these kids and widows hope.The name of school and soon orphange is, "New Hope"Much Love,sis shanna??

From: jesse cooper


To: "God Watching You"

Date: Thursday, November 5, 2009, 1:29 PM


Dear Bro & Sis,?? Thanks to almighty God once again that he has given us the opportunity again to share our few update with u again, we also want to be greatful to? God about the long life he has given us all. And i

think that is? very important? to us to have life, because we and some of our friends started this year together but we can not find them around any longer,? it is not that we are better then they were, but because of God grace that is why we can say thanks again,?i also want to extends our thanks given to as today was an holiday to tell the lord thanks. so as long as we can see a day we should beappreciatetive most in Africa where all kinds of sickness are killing lot of people? here, malaria headache and so on are killing lot of people every second so i just want to be greatful to almighty God for allowing us to talk too u again.

??We also want to extends our thanks and appreciation to you for the help you are? given us here in liberia mostly to our steet kids and?widow at house and helping to school our children.

?Also? remember that mother shanna was not well the other time, and our rentage was about to expire this gone september, and we?asked?if you could?help her with any amount to help us pay the rent, we want to msay a great things to you for? your help in helping to pay the 900.00usd for the?building which you will see in?the picture, it is for 6months?and this where our street childrenare now residing and are also hold our?school there?with teachers and?helpers?who we pay per month.

So we also?thank u to?for helping?us with the payment of the teachers. This building we rented is around the Rehai area in Paynesville city this?building consist of? six rooms kitchen?and a living room where we have our daily devotion.also remember that we have over hundred of children that comes?to the school and?to eat one meal a day and we have eleven who are really affected by the civil war, they lost their parents, they stay?there and? is also been taught.

These children need clothes and so many mthings?that a child will need? they were actully on the street but God has change their lives around and they?are now following Jesus.

So please if you can help with these kids and the other children who come for schooling also. ?

?Our video coming up soon to you and the children?will tell you their own testimony how they were on the street and what the ministry have done for them.

? Now? if you look at in front of the house with Alita sitting and these ten street kids are standing with their picture taken.

We also?ask you to?help care?for the two girls among as they are growing aggressively, these children name include:?Abraham, Trokon, Siemen, Titus, Gus, Emmanuel, Togar, Kent, Daddyboy, Hannah , Patricia, these are the names of the main steet kids?that lost their parents during the civil war, how ever our video willtell you where they explain themselves.

?Remember also that we told you last year that we were going to make a farm because of the growth of the children at the school and?was increasing and we? needed to take precaution because of the financial crisis that was rising, praise be to God that our farm because it?is so?rich and you can see widow on farm cutting the rice now, i mean theyare presently on the farm havesting below you will see the pic,? with the acception of Alita left at the house to take care of the children,and there is another old widow Bringht you will see in this pic is the one who took care of this farm her name is Marpu, because she had no one to make farm for her? so she taught it wise to help us so that she ncan also get her daily food from there.

You wlll also see her in ourvideo. So? she also need? help she actually did not know about Jesus Christ, but when i? visited the farm the last time and taught them shegot save and she has change she says she need cloth to attend servicearound there.

?Our widow Oretha and Tedee are still on farm havesting? the riceand processing it, so we need money to?take the rice?to the house forcomsuption by the kids and also by us. the distance is far and we donot have our own car we need transportation for the transporting ofthese bags of rice that will come from farm?

?Now the?building?we rented have a little shop attached to it so we?ask you?if?you can?please help us with sewing machines so? that we can teach the widow how? to sew cloth, and the young girls? that wlll nbe a great help for them and for the children and they can also make a nlittle extra money.

?We also need enough black board at the?school as the children getting to another level we cannot keep in the same classes so we wantto arrange them.?

Today is holiday the cafe that have the scanner was not open this is the reason why i did not send the receipt for the building, buti am going to scan it tomorrow? and have mother shanna send them to u.

God bless you for your help and we?pray you will?contiue,remember allt his you are doing is not for us, but rather it is God who will reward you.?


i also got a scholarship at the university of Liberia and will beon campus? most often so my brother lawrance will be helping me wihsome running up and down so please also remember him also.?We also want to incorporate this ministry now and have it registered, as school and orphange so?we pray for the?help with the process.?We are also in need of building desk, and beds, in need of bedding and cloths.?? below are the photos of what have been going on in liberia at farm, at children school and and widow,??God richly bless you in Jesus name amen?Jesse cooper