Gift Of Love Messianic Community Church, Liberia  
                                                    (An Outreach of Jehovah's  Messianic Church Of Jesus Christ)


Gift Of Love Outreach Ministry began in 2008 it was a ministry to the returning refugees that had been in Ghana refugee camp during the 14 year war of Liberia.

 We started with three widows and a few children that lost their parents during the war or during their stay in the refugee camp.  We became a refuge to any children or adults that had no place to live. We put any adults to work taking care of and teaching the children.  We started out with 7 children, three widows and two men, later a third came to the Lord and joined us as  head teacher of our study class.

 Jesse Cooper became our Director, 2009, met him through a young man named Mike Sandy who came to stay with me in US for short time to go to school in NY, then he went onto Maryland is now married with a child an lives in Minnesota.

Our house in Liberia began to grow, we out grew two houses we are on our third house, we now house 23 children an two adults including myself, and another who guards me in the room off the house.

 Pastor Michael Cameron from UK joined us in later part of 2011 and  has been partnering with us. The  children are being discipled and all the children now in Christian schools. He has added a church and is remodeling our house.  Thanks be to God for His grace and love towards us.
After Pastor Cameron joined us we joined our ministries and church, and the name of our Church and ministry is now: Gift Of Love Messianic Community Church, Liberia, it is an outreach of Jehovah's Messianic Church of Jesus Christ, which is the name of Pastor Cameron's church. 

We disciple the children, teach them leadership skills,   and to serve their community by helping their neighbors, doing chores, and go out into community with the leaders. We want them to see Jesus in our children.  We do evangelism and medical outreaches and help the community learn gardening, health, and sanitation.  We praise the Lord for His  love, favor, goodness and blessings towards us.

My arrival in summer of 2013 has been wonderful, am now able to help the children with school and take on some of the leadership responsibilities. The children are growing in the Spirit by leaps and bound now it is amazing, they pray in power and also some of them pray for people and they are healed, glory to God!

The children are growing spiritually, these children had never been to school before except our home study class but we have a trained teacher, and helpers, who continue to tutor them when they come from Christian school.



Paul is our head teacher, he also trained our teachers in Grand Bassa school, School of Hope, Believe it is his tutorage that has helped the children catch up in school, a few of the younger ones are already being advanced to higher grades.
We provide medical through a Pharmacist who comes to the house. We also do medical outreach for the community periodically.

Daddy Boy, Trokon, and Timothy are my three fun loving boys, they love acting crazy while I take pictures, but they are a great bunch of Youth and love them all dearly.

They all came to my room and clowned and took pictures, they are  joyful but yet always ready to help out.

The girls just won their first baseball tournament and they could not be happier, here they are exuberant. The girls and boys in Africa have a love for Soccer

This is wash day, told the boys they  have to do their own wash. Trokon was good natured to begin doing his own. They were getting the girls to do their laundry for them.

Waiting to be baptized. They had a six weeks course taught by Jesse Cooper.

Jesse and myself doing the baptism with his brother Cyrus reading bible.

Abraham and his wife getting baptized.

There is not enough room to do all the baptisms but will put more in photo gallery.

Dorcus getting baptized.  Mlany were baptized and looked on waiting for their turn.

It was glorious!!

Much preparation goes into every meal, the young people help with preparation, serving a cooking and preparation.

When I left to come back to states in October some of the children's uniforms were not yet made.

They love school and are doing very well, some exceptionally well. Most had never gone to school before so there are children in first second and third grade that are 12 or 14 but few children in Liberia or Africa get the opportunity to go it is not free like in states.

The children get clothing once a year when we can get the large bundle of clothes it also clothes the poor neighbor children, we have a special meal at that time for all.
We have many pictures of these events on photo gallery.

The children all want their pictures taken ,  we all enjoy one another and spend much quality time to getting to know each other.

They come to me in two's and threes sharing their hearts. They also come when they are sick, will find one or two lying on my bed, seeking that love only a Mother can give in a time like that.





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We have a school in the bush of Bassa with 175 children held in a church without that school they would have to walk 5 miles each way. Presently we are only able to help with the teachers pay.

We have many pictures on our Photo Gallery.If anyone feels led to help please check out Love Gift page.

Thank you!

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